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Board Directors
La società è retta da un consiglio di amministrazione così composto:
Name: Paolo Surname: Bonucchi
Born On: 08/07/1956 At: Bologna
Now Resident: Milano
Civil Status: married with alessandra rozzi - 2 children cecilia (7 years old) ludovico (4 years old)
Hobbies/Sports: Skiing
Work Experience:
He started to work on 1977 in "societa' generale trasporti" general agent of united states lines until 1979 when he followed mr. Amighetti in milan united states lines office with the primary duty to sell the various services
In 1982 he left usl to become sales manager of "agamare agenti" in milan where he workeed till 1990.
Name: Matteo Surname: Lacerenza
Born On: 24/09/1961 At: Sesto S. Giovanni (Mi)
Now Resident: Pessano con Bornago(Mi)
Civil Status: married with Tiziana Baldi - 2 children eleonora ( 14 years old) alessandro (6 years old)
Hobbies/Sports: Dancing, Football
Work Experience:
His carrer on the trucking business started on 1981 following logistic needs of the shipping lines represented by various italian shipping agencies.
In 1984 he left the company where he was working to join "agemare agenti" where he followed the sales activity of the lines represented.
In 1990 he left agamare agenti to start central shipping agency.
Name: Francesco Surname: Minichino
Born On: 20/02/1956 At: Napoli
Now Resident: Milano
Civil Status: single - 1 child luca ( 25 years old)
Hobbies/Sports: Football, Tennis
Work Experience:
His carrer started on 1978 in "societa' generale trasporti" general agent of united states lines in the operations department.
On 1979 he joined milan usl office with the same functions.
On 1982 he joined agamare agenti as traffics and operations manager until 1991.
Name: PierLuigi Surname: Amighetti
Born On: 28/08/1979 At: Milan
Now Resident: Besana In Brianza (Mi)
Civil Status: Married With Elisabetta Merlini - 3 two sons: Pietro and Giulia
Hobbies/Sports: Football , Gim, Cooking
Work Experience:
He started his career in 2000 directly in one of the Company of the Group.
After a long period of work on the various department from the Shipping Agency desks to the LCL Export dpt he develop the LCL Import structure (now as COO) driving the division in few years in a solid and profitable reality of the Group.
From 2018 in the Board of Directory he represent the share on behalf of the Amighetti family (Ines, Giada, Esmeralda).
Name: Fabio Surname: Selmi
Born On: 08/09/1955 At: Livorno
Now Resident: Livorno
Civil Status: Married with Antonella bulleri - 1 son gabriele (23 years old)
Hobbies/Sports: Reading, music, modern and contemporary art collection/skiing and trekking.
Work Experience:
He started his career in 1976 working as water clerk in a shipping agency (marittima del nord), inside the company he grew till he became a manager and in 1987 he started with his own shipping agency. In 1993 he joined four "friends" and csa started its challenge as shipping agency.
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