Fabrizio Laudadio
General Manager

In 1986 he started the Compulsory Army experience as Officer in the Paratroopers force for about remaining 3 years.
In 1990, 8 months in London after in Milan achieving a Marketing Master
In 1991 hired as Superstore Manager, after 2 years nominated as Responsible for the Franchising brand in Lombardy area.
During those years he got the University degree on Economic and Job organization.
In 1996 “landed” in Centralfin Group, in a Trucking and Intermodal Company of the Group. In 1997 moved to CSA as Agency Ops in various department becoming in 2001 Liner Manager of Hyundai Merchant Marine Since 2010 more dedicated to the International Business development of the group with particular attention focused on the Ship Service division of the Agency , for the main customer
(Owner, Charter, Trader, Brokers, Ship Management…etc).
We can say 23 years to CSA and Centralfing Group dedicated.

Francesco Angiolella
Manager Ship Service

He started from the base in the Shipping Agency , soon his attitude and extreme dedication come out becoming water clerk. In coming years thank the great experience and the operationals skills. In 2004 moved to CSA as Branch Office and after few months becoming the Ship Service General Hub Manager in the CSA office in Taranto. After short period in CSA offices in Livorno and Genoa finally the Hub was established in Milan with where he build a great team following all the operational activities of all vessels managed by CSA in all the port. In 2008 moved in Ravenna office as CSA representative, where the strategically CSA busines  become year by year more important.


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General Italian Agent of DOLE


General Italian Agent of HYUNDAI M.M.


New own building of the Group



CSB –  Belgium Own Office opening


Partner of S5 Agency World (Global Shipping Agent)


Great year, great performance on Italian Tramp activity, LIQUID and DRY Vessels


General Italian Agent of EAGLE


FIRST 25 YEARS – Anniversary of the Gruop


Reinforced own presence in the Med and N.Eu. 13 own offices: Milan – Genoa – Livorno – Salerno – Augusta – Santa Panagia – Ravenna – Venice – Koper – Antwerp – Rotterdam – Dakar – Tunisi