We are YOUR EYES in the port , YOUR PEOPLE on board.

The Ship Services division provide high quality port-agency and hub services with full agency, husbandry and protective agency services for shipowners, charterers and traders around the world.

Hub Agency Service

As one of the major agencies in the region, CSA provides Hub Agency services to tanker owners, ship owners, operators and charters through our Operational and Financial Regional Hub systems.
We provide extensive regional efficiency in financial transactions, operational, and safety standards with “local port agency strengths” including established knowledge and relationships with local port authorities and suppliers. We operate from 65 different offices in our regional area, 25 own offices and 40 strategic and global partner offices., with our own managers in specific geographic areas and business segments (Break-Bulk Cargo, Tanker and Gas, Military and Cruise).
IT sophisticate system gives a real time update of any single details of your call providing an essential service in a global shipping industry.